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Lara has worked in the technology sector for the last 7 years- but she is also a YachtMaster having trained and worked in the yachting industry for quite a few years​

Lara completed her first row in 2023, after spending 98 days 22 hours and 22 minutes . She overcame storms, capsizes and physical and mental exhaustion. Her passion is enabling women in finding their confidence, instilling self belief and being your own wingwoman.


The target her dad set when he was younger was “Aim High”. Don’t look left or right - FOCUS - and aim high. 


Seeing her dad suffer through years of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and everything that goes with cancer treatments - his determination and resilience took on another level and Lara thought to herself - if he can go through all of that, then she can row an ocean for him.


She hopes that she can inspire and show that anything is possible by finding your ocean, whatever that may be, and aim high. 


The row was dedicated to her father for all the times he went above and beyond- He passed away on September 14th 2022 so never saw Lara finish the row.


“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” — Amelia Earhart.

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