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The Final countdown....

The time is fast approaching!

Last minute packing and ticking off of lists…

It feels strange to think that I will be leaving the UK tomorrow to be reunited with Lunar on the start line in La Gomera. This monumental project that I’ve planned, trained for, dreamt about and spoken about countless times, is coming to fruition.

Tomorrow the talking stops and it's game time.

Today though... today is a time for reflection and thanks. To spend with family, loved ones and friends. Mother's roast lemon chicken is in the oven, one more dog walk around the farm and soak in a sunset dipping behind the Malvern Hills. Today I am Home.

This project has taught me so much already. It has shown the generosity of spirit of so many who have engaged with me and wished me well. All those people who have dug deep into their pockets at a time when we are all feeling the pinch. I feel so grateful. To be able to do this is a privilege and I know this is a solo effort once those oars hit the water, but I carry with me all of that good will that has got me to this point and I know it will carry me across when times get tough.

So, an evening of cuddles with Monty and tomorrow La Gomera here I come…

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