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What a week!

From the excitement and anticipation of leaving La Gomera, it has been a pretty brutal first week on the water for Lara. Less than 12 hours into the voyage she was struck down with acute seasickness. Unable to eat and more importantly row! Add to this the fact that conditions have been less than favourable, pushing Lara and many in the field easterly.

Three days of feeling pretty awful thankfully subsided and now it’s about making up for lost time. The hands have taken a beating but are toughening up and conditions seem to have turned.

This is a marathon, not a sprint and with over 2500 nautical miles still left to go, there will be plenty of ups and downs for all of the brave rowers taking on the challenge.

As they all settle in to the next few weeks of their lives where it is a hard diet of eat, sleep, row repeat, there is everything to play for.

Keep going Lara!

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